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Android Units Converter - Convert Currency, Temperature, Time, Angle, Area and Many More Unit Categories

This is one of the best Android unit conversion apps which can convert from currency to cooking units. You name the unit category and most probably you would find it in this app. This app works in offline mode and needs connection only when you want to sync currency rates. It allows you to define your own units and you can extend the app to suit your need.

Best Apps For Android Units Converter ConvertPad
Android Unit Converter - ConverPad : With this app on your Android phone, you don't need to look for separate app for currency conversion and you don't need to use calculator for converting units with effort. Just tap the ConvertPad and within seconds you would be able to do the unit conversions, be it Temperature, Time, Angle, Area, Length, Distance or any other unit you may need. Being a Android app you can do these conversions anywhere and anytime you need it.

Android Unit Converter - Introduction : When you launch the ConvertPad, you would be taken to the unit conversion screen with the last category and unit you had selected.

Android Temperature Converter
Android Temperature Converter
As you can see in screenshot above, it is very simple and intuitive. This screen is displaying the temperature conversions. You can tap the value to change it to any temperature value for which you want the conversion. Currently the source unit is degree Celsius. Tap the unit to change it to any other temperature unit you want.

You can see in screenshot that given 18 degrees Celsius temperature is converted to Fahrenheit, Rankine, Kelvin or Reaumur. You must have understood now, how handy and useful this app is.

Android Unit Converter - Unit Categories : You can tap the category displayed under "Category Selection" title to select any other category for units. This would display the popup with the list of categories to choose from.

Android Unit Conversion Categories
Android Unit Conversion Categories
This is a big list. You can select from Acceleration, Acceleration - Angular, Angle, Area, Astronomical, Charge, Concentration - Molar, Concentration - Solution, Cooking, Currency Exchange Rate, Current, Data Storage, Density, Efficiency - HVAC, Electric Capacitance, Electric Conductance, Electric Conductivity, Electric Field Strength, Electric Potential, Electric Resistance, Electric Resistivity, Energy / Work, Energy Flux, Enthalpy, Entropy, Flow - Mass, Flow - Molar, Flow - Volume, Force, Frequency - Wavelength, Fuel Consumption, Fuel Efficiency - Mass, Fuel Efficiency - Volume, Gas Constant, Heat Capacity, Heat Density, Heat Flow Rate, Heat Flux Density, Heat Rate, Heat Transfer Coefficient, Henry's Law, Illumination, Image Resolution, Inductance, Length / Distance, Linear Charge Density, Lumber - Volume, Luminance, Luminous Intensity, Magnetic Field Strength, Magnetic Flux, Magnetic Flux Density, Magnetomative Force, Moment of Force, Moment of Inertia, Permeability, Power, Power Density, Prefixes, Pressure, Radiation, Radiation Absorbed Dose, Radiation Activity, Radiation Exposure, Sound, Specific Heat, Specific Power, Specific Volume, Surface Charge Density, Surface Current Density, Surface Tension, Temperature, Temperature Interval, Temperature Conductivity, Thermal Expansion, Thermal Resistance, Time, Torque, Typography, Velocity, Velocity - Angular, Viscosity - Dynamic, Viscosity - Kinematic, Volume - Dry, Volume / Capacity, Volume Charge Density and Weight / Mass.

Now you may have understood why I am saying that there is a big list of unit categories supported by this Android Unit Conversion app.

Android Unit Converter - Unit Selection : You can tap the unit displayed under "Unit Selection" title to select any other unit from list of available units. This would display the popup with the list of units to choose from.

Android Unit Converter - Unit Selection
Android Unit Converter - Unit Selection
As you can see in screenshot above, the popup displays the available units from the selected category. In above case, units for Angle Conversion are displayed. Here you can choose from different Angle measurement units namely degree, radian, grad, gon, minute, second, sign, mil, revolution, circle, turn, quadrant, right angle and sextant.

Tap the unit you want to select from, say "degree". This would select degree as source unit and it would convert entered value into other units in same unit category.

Android Angle Converter
Android Angle Converter
You can modify the value by tapping the number displayed below "Value" title. In above case, 45 degree angle is converted into various other angle measurement units. You can quickly know that 45 degree is equal to .785 radian or 2700 minute or 162000 second.

Android Currency Converter : This unit conversion app comes with handy currency conversion feature as well. Tap the category to select "Currency Exchange Rate" and you can start using it for currency conversion.

Android Currency Conversion
Android Currency Conversion
Process for using it for currency conversion is very much the same. Tap the source currency below "Unit Selection" and select the currency from the list of available currencies namely, USD U.S. Dollar, Eur European Euro, AED UAE Dirham, AFN Afgan Afghani, ALL Albanian Lek, AMD Armenian Dram, ANG Neth Antillies G, AOA Angolan Kwanza, ARS Argentina Peso, AUD Australian Dollar, AWG Aruban Florin, AZN Azerbaijani Manat, BAM Bosnian Conv Mark, BBD Barbadian Dollar, BBT Bangladeshi Taka,  BGN Bulgarian Lev and many more. There are more than 160 currencies to choose from.

Android Currency Converter Settings : This Android Converter app allows you to customize many of its features to suit your need. Press the menu button on your Android phone to display the app menu and select settings menu. This would display the settings screen as shown in screenshot below.

Android Unit Converter Settings
Android Unit Converter Settings
First section of the settings screen is related to Language settings. Here you can select primary and secondary language for the app.

Next section is related to Layout settings. Here you can select text size, color and alignment.

Nest section is related to Sequence settings. Here you can select if Categories and Units should be listed in alphabetical order or by Characteristic order.

Next section is for Currency Exchange Rate. Here you can decide which currency exchange service to use, whether to display the country flag image and how frequently to updated currency exchange rates.

Next section allows you to take the backup to SD Card and restore from SD Card.

You can download this app from Android Market or Android App Store of your choice. Install this app on your Android phone and all unit conversions would be at your finger tips.

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