Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ten Best Apps For Android : App 3 - GMail App for Android

In last two posts I talked about Google Maps for Android and Angry Birds for Android. If you have not read it yet and want to read it now then please go and read it from quick links provided in last line. In this post I am going to talk about third of the best apps for Android and that is Gmail app for Android. 

Gmail : This is official Gmail app for Android from Google Inc. This is must to have if you want to check your Gmails on the go. It supports multiple Gmail accounts and we can check and reply for different Gmail ids from the same app.

Gmail Inbox
Like web based Gmail it's Android version also comes feature packed with features like push, sync, conversations, integration, search, and more. You can perform following tasks with ease.
  • Check latest emails. Emails pushed automatically to your phone
  • Search all your messages
  • Access synched messages when off line
  • View messages by conversation
  • Check Multiple Gmail accounts from the same Gmail application without need to exit from app
  • Stars, labels, and many other features 

Email in GMail App
Even though it is small mobile real estate, all the email information can be accessed with ease.

This was the third of the best apps for Android I am covering in this series. You can download GMail for Android from Android Market. Next time I am going to cover forth of the best apps for Android, so keep tuned in and have fun.

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