Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ten Best Apps For Android : App 8 - Androidify

In last post I talked about Advanced Task Killer, a performance optimizer for your Android phone. That was seventh of the best apps for Android from series of ten. Today I am presenting the eighth of the best apps for Android. You must have read and tried last seven apps that I covered so far in this series. In case you are visiting this post directly and have missed earlier seven best apps for Android then you may like to read those from blog archive. Today I am presenting a very different and entertaining app. You can use this to create a digital avatar of you and your friends. The digital avatar created using this app looks like Android and hence this app is correctly called "Androidify". This could be the app that you would like to demo in your next party or your gathering with friends and catch the attention of everybody.

Androidify : This wonderful app is from Google Inc. It is a fun when you start using it and it could be even more fun if you are using it along with friends or your loved ones. In no time you would be able to create a Android avatar of you or the person you know. Allow your creative juices to flow free and enjoy.
When you start this app you will see the standard Android image as shown in following screenshot. You can drag with your finger to make it fat, thin, tall or short.

Androidify - First screen
Once you are satisfied with the height and other dimensions of the Android image on first screen, you can tap the 'Hanger' icon at bottom left hand corner of the screen. This displays the toolbar at left side of the screen as shown in screenshot below.

Choose Hairstyle
This toolbar allows you to select the right hairstyle for your Android avatar. You can select from no hair to plenty of hairs and from different styles. If you notice, there is one more toolbar appeared at the bottom of the screen. This tool stripe allows you to display next toolbars to decide other features of your avatar. Select next tool from bottom tool stripe and it will take you to next step for creating avatar.

Choose Hair Color
The screenshot above shows the next set of tools. Here you can select the color of the hair to match perfectly with that of the person for whom you are creating avatar. Select the most close hair color and move on next by tapping on the next tool from bottom tool stripe.

Choose shirt or top
This toolbar allows you to select the appropriate shirt or top from various choices. There are lot many choices than one can imagine. Select the top you like and you can move next by tapping next icon on bottom tool stripe to select next set of tools.

Choose trouser
The next screen as shown above allows you to select from many different types of trousers. Again there are plenty of choices. After selecting one move to next step by tapping on next icon from the bottom tool stripe.

Choose shoe
As displayed in screenshot above this toolbar allows you to select right shoes required for your avatar. Select the ones you like and you can go to next toolbar by tapping next icon on bottom tool stripe.

Choose mustache
Next toolbar as shown in screenshot above allows to select right mustache for the avatar. There are many options to choose from. Select the one most closely matching with your requirement and move on to next toolbar by tapping icon on bottom tool stripe.

Choose accessories
This last toolbar as shown in above screenshot allows to select the appropriate accessories for your avatar. Choose as many as you want from different choices available. Once you are satisfied, you can tap anywhere on empty space on the screen and toolbars will go away and your avatar will be enlarged to fill the available space on screen. In this mode also you can change the various things of your avatar. Tap any of the clothings and it will randomly change to something new. This could be great fun when you are doing it as a group exercise in party.

You may like to see the video of the Androidify to learn more about it and see how it could be a fun to play with.

Once you are ready with your avatar you can share it with different options available from this app. You can put it as your avatar on facebook or twitter. It is up to you where and how you want to use your Androidified avatar.

So that was eighth of the best apps for Android from this series of ten best apps. You can download Androidify from Android Market for free and start having fun with your friends. Next time I would bring to you ninth of the best apps for Android, so keep tuned in and keep reading. Till then bye, have fun with Androidify.

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